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Our menu



Martini white/red 6.90
Porto ‘Niepoort’ white/red 7.30
Sherry dry 6.90
Kirr 6.90
Bailey’s 8.90
Campari au naturel 8.90
Campari soda 8.90
Campari orange 8.90
Safari orange 8.90
Pisang orange 8.90
Picon with white wine 8.90
Whisky JB 8.30
Johnnie Walker (Red Label) 8.30
Bacardi 8.30
Ricard 8.50
Chivas Regal 9.70
Aperol 8.90


Apéritif Maison: Piccolo Cava 9.70
Champagne Gobillard (0.37cl) 43.70
Ruffus per glass 7.90
Bottle 43.70


Organic Gin ‘Oosterstaketsel’ with tonic 13.90
House infused gin with Japanese tonic


Crodino 6.70
Non-alcoholic beer 3.50


Beer 3.10
Rodenbach 3.50
Kriek 3.50
Hoegaarden 3.50
Leffe Blond 5,00
Leffe Brown 5,00
Pater Lieven Blond 5,00
Pater Lieven Tripel 5,00

Duvel 5,00
Buffalo 5,00
Tripel Karmeliet 6.30
Tongerlo Blond 5,00
Tongerlo Brown 5,00
Non-alcoholic beer 3.50

Extra bar snacks 1.50

Sparkling & Bubbly

Ruffus Brut “Blanc de Blancs”, Binche, Belgium 7.90 per glass
43.70 per bottle

Cuvée Ruffus is a Blanc de Blancs of 100% Chardonnay.
After ageing in the cellar for 12 months, this Belgian pearl is ready to sparkle its way into your glass

Champagne Gobillard Grande Réserve,
Premier cru, Hautvilliers, France (37 cl) 43.70 per bottle

Champagne Ayala Brut Majeur
(sister house to Bollinger), France 83,00 per bottle
This pale gold champagne is wonderfully bubbly and fresh, with a long aftertaste. A festive apéritif.

The wines
All wines have the certified 'Organic' label

White wine

De Martino Chardonnay, Estate 19, Chile 6.70 per glass
31.70 per bottle

A cheerful, fruity organic white wine. Pairs excellently with poached white fish. A terrific wine to drink on its own.

De Martino Sauvignon Blanc, Estate 19, Chile 6.70 per glass
31.70 per bottle
Luscious dry white wine. Excellent apéritif wine. Match made in heaven with cold fish dishes.

JF Arriezu Verdejo Rueda, 18, Spain 6.70 per glass
31.70 per bottle
Dry white wine with fresh acids and a touch of veggie. Tasty thirst-quencher.

Our favourite – Organic

Lunaria Charisma Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, 18, Italy

Glass: € 7.30 / Bottle: € 33.70

Fresh natural white wine with mineral notes. Excellent apéritif wine. Gets along swimmingly with seafood and goat cheese salad.

White wine – full-bodied

Mount Horrocks Semillon, 17, Australia 49.30 per bottle
Exceptional quality white wine, with a more full-bodied taste the longer it breathes.

Soellner Grüner Veltiner “Wogenrain”, 19, Austria 49.30 per bottle
Soft, smooth dry wine. A friend to all, this wine goes well with all dishes.

Rosé wine

Santa Rosa Estate Syrah Rosé, 19, Argentina 6.70 per glass
31.70 per bottle
Fun, bright pink, playful rosé wine. An easy-drinking wine with spicy accents

Red wine

De Martino Cabernet Sauvignon Estate, 18, Chile 6.70 per glass
31.70 per bottle
A virile, powerful red wine that goes very well with red meats and spicy sauces.

Ngeringa JE Syrah, 13, Australia 49.70 per bottle
A deliciously fruity, easy red wine that is always a hit at dinners with friends and with spicy dishes or seasoned salads.

Soellner Pinot Noir, 17, Austria 49.70 per bottle
Highly elegant, ruby-coloured fruity red wine. Perfect with fish dishes for those who do not like white wine.

Soft drinks

Coca cola2.90
Coca cola light3.30
Coca cola zero3.30
Fanta orange3.30
Schweppes Agrum Zero3.70
Schweppes tonic 3.30
CéCémel 3.70
Fristi 3.70
Ice tea 3.70

Sparkling water 3.30
Still water 3.30
Sparkling water large 9.30
Still water large 9.30

Fruit juice

Apple juice 3.30
Orange juice 3.30
Tomato juice 3.30

Delicious with your apéritif - Perfect for sharing

‘Bitterballen’ for Burgundians 11.30
Mild mustard
Tasty croquettes / shrimp croquettes mini 11.30
Mini croquettes | parsley | shrimp

Cheese croquettes / fondue parmesan mini 10.60
Mini croquettes | parmesan | lemon

6 oysters 22.90
Lemon | pepper | bread

Tapas of Zeeland gold label mussels 24.90
500 gram | celery | lemon thyme | bay leaf

Plateau Apero (only in July and August) 32.50
Oysters | smoked salmon | langoustine | shrimp


Shrimp croquettes (2 pcs) 21.90
parsley | lemon | shrimp | bread

Oud Brugge cheese croquettes (2 pcs) 18.90
parmesan | balsamic vinegar | lemon | bread

Duo shrimp/cheese 19.90
shrimp croquette | cheese croquette | lemon | bread

6 oysters 24.90
lemon | pepper | shallot vinaigrette | bread

6 oysters au gratin  28.90
parmesan | bread

‘The Indecisive’ oyster mix  26.90
3 oysters natural | 3 warm oysters | bread

Mini fish soup   24.90
forgotten fish | rouille | cheese | bread

To boost your starter to a main course

Salad natural 9.90
mixed salad | egg | radish | beets | tomato salsa
Fries 6.10
fries | sea salt | mayo
Extra mayo or ketchup 1.50
Extra couvert 7.50

Main course

Goat cheese salad 27.30
spinach | mustard vinaigrette | honey | pine nuts
Zeeland gold label mussels natural 31.90
celery | lemon thyme | bay leaf

Zeeland gold label mussels à la chef 34.90
cream | mild curry | tomato

Lobster Belle vue 59.90
salad | bread | lukewarm | 550 gr

Sole fish (3 pcs) 32.90
salad | homemade tartar

Filet pur of Belgian Red (300 gr) 36.90
salad | pepper sauce

To boost your starter to a main course

Salad natural 9.90
mixed salad | egg | radish | beets | tomato salsa
Fries 6.10
fries | sea salt | mayo
Extra mayo or ketchup 1.50
Extra couvert 7.50


Richly filled fish soup 34.90
forgotten fish | shrimp | mussels | rouille | bread

Fish soup Royal (2 pers.) 49.70 p.p.
fish soup | half a lobster

Deluxe seafood dish (2 pers.) – reservation 48 hours in advance 69.70 p.p.
crab | half a lobster | shrimp | whelks | smoked salmon…


Dame Blanche 13.90
vanilla ice cream | whipped cream | hot chocolate sauce

Lemon sorbet ‘Le colonel’ 11.90
lemon sorbet | mint | vodka

Cheesecake Chef’s Favourite 13.90
cheesecake | oreo crumble | white chocolate | lime
Strawberry Delight (only in July and August) 13.90
Belgian strawberries | vanilla ice cream | strawberry coulis | mint


Young genever 3.90
Old genever 3.90
Cognac Remy Martin8.90
Calvados Père Magliore8.90

Amaretto di Saronno8.90
Grand Marnier9.30
Chivas Regal9.70

Hot drinks

Coffee 3.30
Decaf 3.30
Mocha 3.30
Mocha decaf 3.30
Latte macchiato 4.70
Latte macchiato decaf 4.70
Cappuccino 4.70
Cappuccino decaf 4.70

Tea Earl Grey 3.90
Tea rosehip 3.90
Tea mint (fresh mint) span class=”prijs”>4.90
Tea chamomile 3.90
Green tea 3.90
Hot chocolate 4.90
Hot chocolate with whipped cream 4.90

Mulled wine 6.70
Irish Coffee 8.90
French Coffee with Grand Marnier 9.30
French Coffee with Cognac 8.90
Italian Coffee with Amaretto 8.90
Hasselt Coffee with genever 8.90

Extra whipped cream 1.00
Extra water 1.00

Allow us to share the following:

All our dishes are homemade and prepared for you on the spot with a lot of care and a healthy portion of love. We are committed to giving you a wonderful time at our restaurant. We do our utmost to serve you our dishes in their purest form.

We prefer products from our very own North Sea, raw materials from our local growers and organic wines. We apologise if a dish is sold out… we only work with fresh produce. You can choose a starter as the main course at a surcharge of €7.50.

Do you have any allergies? You can always consult your host/hostess! The chef will also be happy to answer all your questions. We strictly adhere to all hygiene regulations, but we can never completely rule out cross-contamination.

We accept:

We serve

RUFFUS, a unique Belgian sparkling wine.

Ruffus wine – the Agaises vineyard

The vineyard was established in 2002 in Haulchin, near Binche, in a place called ‘Les Agaises’. It is situated on a limestone hill, facing the south.

With 285,000 vines, chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier, spread over 28.5 hectares, the estate is the largest wine producer in Belgium.

The internationally award-winning Ruffus cuvée is made there according to traditional methods.

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