Dining with endless sea views. A unique location Fishing boats, a sunset or a heavy storm, the spectacle of the North Sea continues to fascinate. Start your discovery here...

Welcome to Brasserie Oosterstaketsel Blankenberge

The most beautiful view of the sea in Blankenberge.
Do you like the sea…?

Smell the salty sea air and taste the holiday atmosphere. Experience a dinner at sea, around the fireplace in winter, from your chair in summer, with endless views of the North Sea.

A unique location, dining with endless sea views ...
Passing fishing boats, a stunning sunset, even a violent storm, the spectacle of the North Sea continues to fascinate. Brasserie Oosterstaketsel in Blankenberge is the place to enjoy a good glass of wine and an delicious dinner.

After a beautiful walk along the beach or a day of sunbathing… come and enjoy our specialities, our homemade fish soup, full of fresh fish from the North Sea, finished with rouille and Gruyere cheese. All this with a magnificent view of a unique place on the Belgian coast: the Oosterstaketsel Blankenberge.

“Nothing beats the taste of freshly peeled North Sea shrimps, taste our dishes with this gold from the North Sea!”

When the weather is nice, you can stay on our sunny terrace with the most beautiful view of the sea, where you can see the yachts and sailboats that are moored here in the marina.

A monument

The Oosterstaketsel Blankenberge is traditionally built as a wooden palisade and is a walking pier at the western end of the Blankenberge Zeedijk. Our brasserie is located at the end of the pier,
450 meters out to sea.


The Oosterstaketsel in Blankenberge is a nice place to stay both during winter and summer. The pier has a long history and has been designated as architectural heritage, which means that it is protected as a monument.


Our Specialty

Delicious fish soup


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